16 Oct

6 Ways to Protect Your Vision Ability

The ability to see the world around us is a thing many sighted people take for granted. However, ask any blind person and they’ll tell you that while they’re resilient and have found ways to adapt, eyesight is definitely something you want to hold onto if possible. After all, learning to live without sight is no easy feat, and going through life without one of your senses leaves you deprived of certain experiences.

01 Oct

4 Things the State is Doing to Accommodate Blind Californians

For those who have just found out they’ve lost their sight or will lose it at some point, the future can be a scary thing. The thought of going through life with low- or no vision will often lead people to lean fully on those they love and trust. This is understandable but not necessarily the best thing to do. After all, nobody wants to rely on their family and friends to take care of their every need.

16 Sep

3 Companies Working to Improve Quality of Life for People with Low Vision

Everyone deserves to lead a full and wonderful life. Unfortunately, many individuals with visual impairments find that leading a high-quality life is much more challenging. After all, the simplest of tasks are made difficult when you’re living with low vision. This means that even something such as leaving the house is an ordeal.


16 Aug

What Role will Augmented Reality Play in Helping Blind and Low-Vision people "See"?

Technology is an amazing thing and the advances it’s made in recent years are truly incredible. Many of these technological advances have included conveniences, while others are based purely on fun. The most incredible and wonderful, however, are those that have helped less-abled people have access to things, places, and abilities they could never have dreamt of even a few short years ago.

12 Dec

The Future of Mass Transit and Detectable Warnings

Most people would agree we all have the right to get out and about. For obvious reasons, this is a bit more difficult for individuals with low or no vision. That said, it is completely possible for a blind person to navigate their way around a city and thanks to ever-improving ADA requirements, this is becoming easier and easier for them to do.

12 Dec

4 of the best US cities for the visually impaired

When you’re visually impaired, finding a place to live can be a challenge. It’s not enough to be able to get around in a particular place: There needs to be jobs available, accessible buildings and sidewalks, a well-organized transit system, and, hopefully, recreational things to do.

While it can be tough to find cities that are well suited for the visually impaired as well as a fun place to live, there are many areas in the United States that match exactly that description. In no particular order, here are 4 of the best US cities for the visually impaired.