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16 Sep

3 Companies Working to Improve Quality of Life for People with Low Vision

Everyone deserves to lead a full and wonderful life. Unfortunately, many individuals with visual impairments find that leading a high-quality life is much more challenging. After all, the simplest of tasks are made difficult when you’re living with low vision. This means that even something such as leaving the house is an ordeal.


However, technology is advancing more quickly than most people realize and there is an enormous number of companies working to use technology to improve the lives of those with low vision. These groups of people have developed some super-cool gadgets and programs that are opening up an astounding number of doors for visually impaired individuals, and more awesome items are on their way.


Wondering who’s behind all this amazing progress? Below are 3 companies with the goal of giving those with low vision new opportunities.

#1: WearWorks

One of the coolest inventions of 2017, the WearWorks WayBand is a major game changer for anyone who needs to navigate the outside world with little-to-no sense of sight. The user simply lets the armband know where they would like to go through the use of the WayBand smartphone app. From there, they are guided by the band using a series of vibrations.


The whole thing is very intuitive and really helps the user take in everything that’s going on around them rather than needing to listen for an audio navigation system. This is huge, as it means outings are a much more pleasant and immersive experience.


Currently, WayBand is still in beta mode. However, WearWorks is working hard to bring it to the general public and when they do, we know it will change the way those with visual impairments navigate for good.

#2: Dot

Another super cool tech gadget is the Dot Smartwatch. Yes, it’s another arm accessory, but hey, why not use both arms?


The Dot is just like any other smartwatch in that it will tell its user the time, deliver notifications, and even read text messages. That said, it’s different in that all of this information is delivered in the form of Braille, meaning that those with low or no vision can use the watch to gather information quickly and easily. Obviously, this is convenient and helpful, especially when out and about.


Of course, just like any other electronic device, the Dot could do with a few improvements. Luckily, the company is already working on additions and is expected to release an improved version of their product in the near future.

#3: Apple

Yes, you did read that right, and yes, we are talking about the same Apple that made your iPhone. Apple is actually pretty amazing when it comes to making their products accessible to people of all abilities. This company goes out of their way to help blind and low-vision folks use Macs with ease.


One way the company does this is through the use of VoiceOver. This program has been around for a while now, but Apple has refined it even more, making it one of the best programs of its kind.

VoiceOver will read to users, allow them to dictate what they would like to say, and describe images on the screen. It’s fully integrated into the system, meaning it works well with all Apple programs and Apple-made apps. More and more third-party apps are expected to add VoiceOver compatibility to their apps as well.


Other great features include the ability to transfer text to a Braille display, the ability to zoom in up to 20 times, and of course, Siri, the helpful personal assistant found on all Apple devices.

As you can tell, there are tons of great advancements being made every day in the world of tech tools for those with low vision. We’re excited to find out what’s next and can’t wait to learn what other incredible companies are out there working to better the lives of others.